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About All American Foreclosure

Photo: About All American Foreclosure

All American Foreclosure Service is owned and operated by Don Vaughn and Sheryle Machado. Don and Sheryle have been active in the local real estate community for over 30 years. Both have served on the Atascadero and Paso Robles Association of Realtors. For over 30 years Don has been a licensed Real Estate Broker and a General Contractor. Don has owned and operated loan brokerage companies and a real estate development business. Sheryle has deep family roots in SLO County and has been a licensed real estate agent since 1985.

Don and Sheryle are active members of the United Trustee’s Association and are CERTIFIED Trustee Sale Officers, having completed courses in basic and advanced foreclosures trustee practices. The United Trustee’s Association is a nationwide organization dedicated to the education of its members.

Don and Sheryle maintain a large network of business and personal connections. This "team" of professional and business alliances provides them and their clients current information as well as industry trends.


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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I find out if property taxes are paid as well as fire insurance? And should I pay those?

A quick telephone call to the Tax Collector’s office can tell you if taxes are current. To find out about insurances may take investigating if you are not listed as an additional insured on an existing policy. Possibly you are receiving notices from the insurance company and have contact information; maybe you can ask the owner of the property; or if you suspect there is no insurance it might be wise to place your own and have us make note of it as an advance to protect your interest.

Generally, we would recommend payment. Advances by the lender to pay taxes and insurance are allowable and chargeable to the borrower.

Foreclosure Statistics
2009 To 2014 Foreclosure Statistics for San Luis Obispo County, California

This document details the number of Notice of Defaults, Notice of Sales, and Trustee's Deeds filed in San Luis Obispo County, CA from January 2009 through 2014. For review of data prior to 2009 please contact our office.

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