Abstract of Title

A documented history of the title to a piece of real property, detailing the original grant and all subsequent conveyances, encumbrances and liens affecting the property, the results of which are reduced to a written summary and reviewed to prepare a title insurance commitment or binder subject to various conditions. An abstract of title can be a full abstract; an abstract of current owner; a date-down or bring-down, an update from a given date. The abstract will include a review of all documents associated with a real property.

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Frequently Asked Questions
If someone is in the property after I become owner how do I get them out?

You should consult an attorney; however you can ask them, offer them money or sue them for "Unlawful Detainer", an eviction action. Your legal counsel can advise as to cost and time frames.

Foreclosure Statistics
2009 To 2014 Foreclosure Statistics for San Luis Obispo County, California

This document details the number of Notice of Defaults, Notice of Sales, and Trustee's Deeds filed in San Luis Obispo County, CA from January 2009 through 2014. For review of data prior to 2009 please contact our office.

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